STAP (Sidewalk and Transit Amenities Program)

The Bureau of Street Services plans to replace the existing bus shelters on Wilshire Blvd. with new ones that will include digital rotating ads to replace the static ads currently on the shelters. These are scheduled to be installed over a 4 to 6 year period beginning in 2024.

SBRA reviewed the locations in Brentwood (north side of Wilshire at San Vicente, Barrington, Brockton, Bundy, and Carmelina) and discussed with the STAP team that we’d like them to delay installations that are near housing (Barrington) or small commercial spaces (Carmelina). In addition, STAP should ensure that the lighting never shines into these locations. According to STAP, lighting on the shelters is designed to be no brighter than ambient lighting, which is no more than 4 lumens above existing light conditions and similar to the lighting in place today. Unlike the current shelters lighting on the new shelters will be able to be dimmed remotely from a central station and is LED not fluorescent.

While earlier plans for the new bus shelters considered cell phone charging stations and water, these are not currently scheduled to be part of the project. The bus benches will be modular so that people cannot stretch out and sleep on them comfortable, as is the case today.

The vendors installing the bus shelters are responsible for maintaining them and emptying the trash receptacles. If you see a maintenance issue, please email or call 1- 866-633-0068 (stops with shelters) or 1-855-441-1300 (stops with bus benches only.)

More information on the STAP program can be found here.

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