Councilmember Bonin: Concerning issues with the city’s “recycLA” program

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Dear Friends,

You deserve better than this.

A few weeks ago, I emailed you asking if you were having problems with the new trash service in Los Angeles, and hundreds of business and apartment owners like you responded with helpful feedback. Today, thanks to your help and the invaluable information you provided, I took action to address some of the most glaring and concerning issues with the city’s “recycLA” program.

As you know, earlier this year, the Los Angeles Bureau of Sanitation launched an ambitious new program, recycLA, designed to dramatically increase recycling, move Los Angeles toward its zero waste goals, ensure fair pricing, improve service, and enhance working conditions. Since the initial rollout of recycLA program, however, I have heard from small business owners, landlords, and homeowner association leaders who have serious concerns regarding sudden and sharply increased costs, confusing new fees and surcharges and inaccurate bills. Your concerns also include frequent and repeated lack of service, lack of notice and widespread poor customer service from the waste haulers.

The issues causing these concerns are unacceptable, and today, my colleague Mitch O’Farrell and I proposed legislation to address the failings of the recycLA roll-out. Our legislation instructs the Bureau of Sanitation to immediately provide a report to the City Council with recommendations to reduce or eliminate extra service charges being levied on small businesses and apartment owners, and to allow apartment owners to share collection bins to help reduce the cost of service. Our legislation additionally demands a plan for further outreach to customers to inform them about the new waste hauling system and of the options available to reduce costs by increasing recycling, and asks for the City Attorney and Board of Public Works to prepare options that allow the city to assess penalties on waste haulers that fail to provide a reasonable level of service to customers. A full copy of the legislation can be found at

The goals of the recycLA program – reaching zero waste in Los Angeles and protecting the workers we rely on for this essential service – are imperative, but the poor rollout and implementation of this program is simply unacceptable. The City needs to take immediate steps to fix it or we’ll never achieve the worthy goals of the program.

I am sincerely grateful for those of you who shared your experiences and frustrations with me and my team, so we could craft legislation that directly addresses the issues you have seen since the program began.

Thank you very much for your participation and for all that you do to make neighborhoods on the Westside great places to live, work and enjoy. It is an honor to serve you and I greatly appreciate your partnership.


Councilmember, 11th District

Brentwood Science Magnet School: Your home school

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Brentwood Community,

We are now offering a fantastic Transitional Kindergarten and Kindergarten experience. complete with a rigorous academic foundation along with a strong science focus. This is a free education because Brentwood is your home school. TK must be 5 years old between September 2 and December 2, 2018. Please come take a look or tell friends and relatives to call the school for more information.

Thank you,
Reginald Brunson, Principal

West Los Angeles VA Campus Redevelopment Update September 20, 2018

US Department of Veterans Affairs
The Greater Los Angeles Health Care System
has published the latest developments of the WLA Campus.
The summary is here (21 pages).

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Tired of speeding on your street? SPEED HUMP APPLICATIONS Open September 12

From the Office of Mike Bonin, LA City Councilmember CD 11
I want to send a friendly reminder that the application window for Speed Humps is reopening on September 12th at 8 am. This process is available for residents to submit requests only twice a year. The next window will be in Spring 2019.

This 3-step process includes a review of roadway eligibility, collection of speed and volume data, and finally a neighborhood survey to see if your neighbors support installation of humps, if they are found to be needed.

Because this program is in high demand, please be aware that the system is only able to accept 30 proposals per council district. Once those slots are filled, the system will not accept more requests. For this reason we strongly encourage you to submit your requests as close to 8 am as you can.

Feel free to peruse the website prior to and in preparation for the submittal , but also if your street is eligible.
Here is what you need to know about speed humps.
Here are the evaluation guidelines for speed humps.
Alek Bartrosouf
Mobility Deputy
Councilmember Mike Bonin
City of Los Angeles
213-473-2382 |

Join Barrington Recreation Center Advisory Board – $1 million upgrade planned

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Barrington Park is long overdue for upgrades and is seeking community input on spending $1m in upgrades. The Park is seeking representatives to do 1 of 2 things:

A. Serve as the Barrington Park Rep for your HOA or multifamily building or as a resident of Brentwood by attending Barrington Park Advisory Board meetings 1x per quarter at the Barrington Rec Center. The meetings are usually held in the evening on a weeknight.

B. Submit an application to be a Barrington Park Advisory Board voting member; this involves a short application process which includes fingerprinting.

Please reach out to one of the following members of the Brentwood Community Council if you would like to participate: Michelle Bisnoff (; Matt Kohler (; Alisa Morgenthaler (; or Carolyn Jordan ( Thanks.

CLICK to learn more about the current Barrington Recreation Center

4th Annual Veteran “Stand Down”: Coming October 26, 2018 – VOLUNTEERS & GOODS NEEDED

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Our most immediate need is financial support and nonperishable pop top foods: DONATE Here

The 4th Annual Veteran’s Stand Down is October 26, 2018 at the VAGLAHS in West L.A. This one day fair offers a wide variety of services for homeless Veterans – see information below!

We need Volunteers and Donations from the community. Say thank you to our most vulnerable Veterans, our homeless and struggling Veterans, with your donation. Take the hand of a homeless Veteran by volunteering at the Stand Down.

Each volunteer assignment is two hours in length. Serve food, volunteer at registration or information desks, help to style women Veterans in the AmVet clothing tent. Discover the fulfillment of extending a helping hand to our soldiers as they struggle to find housing and overcome hardship.

The Stand Down is Friday, October 26th, 2018 at the Welcome Center, Building 257, at the VAGLAHS campus in West L.A., 11301 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90073

Veteran Registration is at 7am. Showers available at 7am. Services begin at 8am.

Services include:

Classic Car Display
Community Resources
Counseling Services
Dental Services
DMV ID Cards
Education Services
Employment Services
Family Assistance
Flu Shots
Hair Cuts/Grooming
Hot Meals
Hot Showers
Housing Assistance
Hygiene Items
Legal Assistance
Metro – TAP Cards
Medical Services
Pet Services – Spay/Neuter
Rapid HIV Testing
Substance Abuse Counseling
VA Claims Assistance
Women’s Services…and much more!
Pre-registration for Veterans – FAX 310-268-4765
Vendors email:

Donate Shelf Stable Groceries and Dollars…
Village for Vets has partnered with the Westside Food Bank to provide up to 20 bags of dinner and breakfast snacks on a daily basis to Homeless Veterans safely parking overnight at the VA’s Safe Parking, L.A. parking lot. The program is moving to a new location and expanding from 10 cars to 20 cars. Your help will allow us to continue to provide this service on a daily basis.

Our program is in need of financial donations and nonperishable sealed snacks, pop top canned protein – tuna, Vienna sausages, chicken, sardines, even Spam. Bottled water and water bottles are needed. Volunteers are needed to assemble the bags and to deliver these bags of food to the VA. The Veterans eagerly await these food bags – for some it is their only food each day.

With more funding we can buy instant hot meals for our recipients. We have one vegan! Four Veterans have been housed since the program began!!!

Our most immediate need is finanacial support and nonperishable pop top foods including canned protein, utensils and napkins, vegetable cups, fruit cups, bottled water and more*.

Contact us to volunteer and/or to provide donated goods at

Click the DONATE button below and help us to continue to serve Homeless Veterans at the VA Campus!

*Note: Hot water is not available for Ramen or other instant food and drinks

Brentwood Community Council: About HOMELESS ENCAMPMENTS

You can report homeless encampments through your mobile device with the MyLA311 app, or by calling 311. (Download the City of Los Angeles MYLA311 App from iTunes or Android/Playstore) They will coordinate with LA County to send outreach services.

You can also go to the LAHSA portal to report an encampment or any homeless person you see:

Any dangerous activity or potentially criminal conduct that you personally witness among the homeless population should be immediately reported to:

WLA Transient Unit
Sgt. Anthony Bonner

If you witness illegal activity you can also report to 1-877-ASK-LAPD.

If an emergency, call 911.

Finally, there is a Brentwood Homeless Task Force that is working with all the various agencies to ensure outreach is provided in a safe manner.


For more info about the creek go to:

We received this notice from a Carmelina creek dweller this morning:

“The great horned owl has returned to our neighborhood. It was “who who who- ing” in the Sycamore that overhangs my bedroom this morning at about 5:30 am.

I did not hear the screech owl last night, although I was out to dinner and could have missed it. It has been around lately early in the evening. It is interesting that both owls have us on their circuit.

We have a lot of rats. I hope double duty owls can diminish the rodent problem.

Tell your neighbors not to use poison. Snap traps are better. Poisoned rats still run around for a while and will poison the hawks and owls and crows if they eat them.[to say nothing of accidental poisoning of pets and other important animals in the ecosystem such as fish, frogs – poison is indiscriminate.”

The Great Horned Owl’s territory covers the length of our section of the creek because we have heard the same call in early morning hours for the last month up at the Montana boundary for the first time in 30 years. We have not heard the screech owl, though neighbors somewhat south of us have.

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COMING SOON: New all-way stop sign at Amherst Avenue and Gorham Avenue

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Our Department has completed the traffic engineering study for installation of all-way stop sign control at the intersection Amherst Avenue and Gorham Avenue. The installation should take 10 to 12 weeks depending on our field crew’s schedule.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Rudy Guevara, P.E.
Transportation Engineer
LADOT Western District Office