Sepulveda Transit Corridor

Los Angeles Metro is currently reviewing six alternatives for transit through the Sepulveda pass. The route would initially go from the Orange Line in Van Nuys to the Expo Line (now called the E line) and the target completion is 2033 – 2035. Eventually Phase 2 of the line would reach LAX by 2054-55.

Some of the alternatives utilize underground heavy rail like the Wilshire Blvd. subway that is currently under construction in Westwood and some are monorails. Many of the heavy rail alternatives would include a stop directly on the UCLA campus. 5 of the 6 alternatives under review terminate at Sepulveda/Expo and one ends at Bundy/Expo, traveling underground below Santa Monica Blvd. All underground heavy rail alternatives remain east of the 405 for the entire route.

No alternative has been approved by LA Metro yet.  The project is currently undergoing technical studies in advance of preparing a Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR).

SBRA is continuing to monitor progress and will give input when parts of the project impact our area.

Metro is asking for community input. More information about the project can be found at

Wilshire Purple Line Construction (Line D)
STAP (Sidewalk and Transit Amenities Program)