South Brentwood Schools

Children of South Brentwood Residents May Now Attend the Brentwood Science Magnet Elementary School “By Right”

By Jackie Raymond   (2010)

Years ago, after the school became a magnet, local children were not allowed to attend “by right” (just because they lived here).   A special permit was needed.   After 20 years of fighting to allow neighborhood children attend the school “by right,” our newest L.A.U.S.D. board member, Steve Zimmer, came up with a plan.  We are grateful to him.

Thanks to his efforts, children who live  in South Brentwood have the opportunity to attend BSME.  The children of residents in South Brentwood, south of San Vicente, may enter kindergarten.  Those who have been in kindergarten have preference to enter the first grade.  If a child wants to enroll at an older age, he/she will get preference but may not displace a current student.  Once a child is enrolled, he/she is allowed to remain in the school.

Sign on to the L.A.U.S.D. website, LAUSD.ORG, type in your address, and you will see the school  which your child will attend.

Thank you to Steve Zimmer, our school board member, and Jeanne Malia, our BSME principal, for all their cooperation.


Brentwood Elementary Science Magnet School Entrance Policies:

By Jean Pennicook, Principal Brentwood Science Magnet School (2015)

Kindergarten students are residential students and are not enrolled through the magnet process.

All grade 1 – 5 students for the magnet program must apply through the Choices process.

Resident Kindergarten students must apply for 1st grade and will be given priority.  (these are the only students given priority).

Brentwood Science Magnet is a residential magnet school with continuous enrollment. This means that students who live in your area that do not apply through the CHOICES process may enroll at any time during the school year, if there is space. If space is not available, students will be referred to Brockton Elementary School, which is the other option for the residents residing in Zone 5 of your community.