SBRA and the Brentwood Community Council (BCC) work collaboratively on homelessness issues in our neighborhood.  The BCC covers the entire Brentwood community including the canyon areas and SBRA focuses on the area between San Vicente and Wilshire and multifamily buildings. Board members of SBRA serve on the BCC’s Homelessness Task Force to address public safety.

Following are some resources for issues that can be related to homelessness. You can contact any of the organizations below, and if you are not sure which one to reach out to you can also contact SBRA at info@southbrentwood.org and we’ll try to send you to the right organization. You can also reach out to SBRA if you want to get more involved in working on some of these issues in our community.


Abandoned Autos:  Call 1-800-ABANDON or e mail LAPD Senior Lead Officer at 34713@lapd.online

Abandoned Personal Property: Report on MyLA311 or call 311

Crimes:  Emergency call 911; all others, call 1-877-ASK-LAPD.  County (VA Campus and surrounding sidewalks) call LA Sheriff at 310 855-8850 at W. Hollywood Station. When in doubt, call 911


Report online to LA-HOP for outreach: www.lahsa.org/portal/apps/la-hop/ and 34713@lapd.online

Encampment on City property: Report on MyLA311 app for clean-up

Encampment on County property: Call LA Sheriffs at 310-855-8850

Encampment on Private property:  Call 1-877-ASK-LAPD; e mail LAPD Senior Lead officer 34713@lapd.online

Government Contacts

Councilperson Traci Park: Michael Amster, Field Deputy michael.amster@lacity.org

Supervisor Lindsey Horvath: Zak Gaidzik, Field Deputy  zgaidzik@bos.lacounty.gov

Homeless Vet:  Veteran Temporary Housing Hotline 310-268-3350

Person In Danger of Harming Themselves or Others:  Call 911

This includes a person behaving erratically or walking without clothing as these may be signs that the person may be of harm to themselves.

Safety and Law Enforcement

LA Police Dept. Senior Lead Officer Matt Kirk:  34713@lapd.online

LA Sheriff Dept.  Deputy Christopher Chung: chchung@lasd.org

Veteran Assistance:  wwwvillageforvets.org

October 2023 Homelessness Update

The City of Los Angeles continues to experience a large population of unhoused persons. Brentwood residents have taken on the issue of homelessness in the local area, corralling the efforts of partners in the community that are focused on dealing with those unsheltered.

The City of LA through Council District 11 has deployed a CARE/CARE+ approach:

“Comprehensive Cleaning & Rapid Engagement” provides cleaning or “sweeps” of encampments, where People Experiencing Homelessness are asked by law enforcement to temporarily remove their tents and belongings while sanitation workers sweep, power wash and remove trash and hazardous materials from the area. Outreach workers accompany the sweep and offer supportive services to these people.

The following are just some of the areas where the CARE/CARE+ process has impacted encampments:

  • Barrington/Darlington
  • Santa Monica/Bundy Triangle
  • Westgate
  • Bringham/San Vicente outside the Veterans Administration property

Here is a sampling of what residents may look forward to on new programs and legislation addressing the issues surrounding homelessness.

CARE Courts/Community Assistance, Recovery and Empowerment Courts New program, initiated by Gov Newsom and expected to launch in LA County December 2023 (per vote of the LA County Board of Supervisors), which is aimed at helping Californians who are suffering mental health and substance use disorders leading to homelessness. For more information, please see: https://www.chhs.ca.gov/care-act/

RV Regulation – Introduction of a motion by Councilwoman Traci Park, seeking to regulate RV parking around schools, daycare centers, parks and homes. This would limit where RV’s can be parked in residential areas and create designated areas where they can be parked.

The City Council voted 12-0, approving a motion seeking to amend city law to add RV’s to the list of vehicles that cannot be used for housing. Other legislative actions include a “van lord” motion, which seeks to prohibit the sale and leasing of RVs on public streets.

The Veterans Administration Greater Los Angeles extends their reach to the unhoused Veterans.

  • There are currently 233 total permanent supportive housing units available on the West LA Medical Center north campus for homeless and at-risk Veterans and their families, through Enhanced Use Leases.
  • Over the next two years, 374 units of new housing are expected to open on the West LA north campus. Construction is underway for Buildings 402,404, 401A,156 and 157 with completion set for late 2023/early 2025.

VA is working with the contracting office as well as potential patterns to scope out beautification projects and improvements across the West LA VA Medical Center, including the area by the Eisenhower Gate.

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