SBRA Application

Application for South Brentwood Residents Assn. (SBRA) Advisory Board

During March through May 2019, SBRA will accept applications for a ONE YEAR TERM for the 2019-2020 year. E-mail access is required. Interviews will be held in June. Thank you for your interest.

South Brentwood’s borders are: south of San Vicente Blvd. north of Wilshire, east of Centinela Ave. and  west of Federal Ave. Homeowners within this area or multifamily residents who live anywhere in Brentwood  are eligible for membership and board positions.

Board meetings are held at 7:00 p.m. on the third Wednesday of each month approximately 8 times/year. What we do:

  • We are your liaison with our City Council Office and Brentwood’s LAPD Sr. Lead Officer;
  • We become involved when there is a development project near your home or on San Vicente Bl. or Wilshire Blvd. & you have questions /concerns;
  • We represent you by attending hearings, writing letters and meeting with elected officials when local and  regional issues such as major development, traffic or transportation projects arise to make sure that the perspective of the South Brentwood Community is represented;
  • We inform you about what is happening in our community such as crime & safety updates, coyote sightings,  and road construction and closures through our emails and website;
  • We host an Annual Meeting where you can meet and ask questions of our elected representatives.
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