SBRA's Own Appears with John Cleese in Clifford The Big Red Dog

Bear Allen-Blaine appears as Mrs. Jarvis

Congratulations to SBRA Secretary on her role in the live-action Clifford The Big Red Dog, staring John Cleese.

Watch the trailer.

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Bear Allen-Blaine STRA Secretary
Bear Allen-Blaine

San Vicente Coral Tree’s Under Threat

A sick tree at the corner of Bundy and San Vicente was removed just last week.

Nancy Freedman, 40 year resident of Brentwood, and former chair of the BCC shares the history of the coral trees on San Vicente.

You can help by donating to the Brentwood Community Council’s Coral Tree Endowment Fund. Thank you.

Meals on Wheels “Food for Thought” Summer 2018

Download the PDF file .

Members in the news:
Hats off to South Brentwood neighbor Marie Lewis for her contribution to Meals on Wheels. This article appeared in their summer issue of “Food for Thought”.
Thank you, Marie.

Councilmember Mike Bonin: June 2017 Neighborhoods First Newsletter

IN THIS ISSUE: Mike makes a series of efforts to protect the environment, a community rallies to save a beloved newsstand, safe street projects continue, fun neighborhood gatherings happen throughout the district, the city completes street resurfacing, and a whole lot more


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Friend of South Brentwood Residents Association Jack Godwin: Publishes first novel

Congratulations to Jack Godwin.
LAVENDER…FOR YOU is Available on Amazon
Amazon Kindle $4.95 | Paperback $12.95
After a career in commercial satellite telecommunications the author is pursuing a number of avocations including writing fiction and non-fiction. His first book, Lavender … For You, dove-tails with his work as a docent at the Getty Villa in Los Angeles. The ancient Greco-Roman civilization is amazingly rich and complex. “The Greeks invented Western science and philosophy. . . . The Romans invented engineers and lawyers.”
Jack describes his novel as ” an adventure & travel story embedded in carefully researched history”
Amazon Reviews:
– “Jack Godwin’s Lavender threads a fascinating story of love and adventure through the complex Greco-Roman world”
– “Readable, Interesting, Educational, and Fun!”
– “I was totally involved with the characters and the time period”

Download the PDF file .

Download the PDF file .

Congratulations, Jackie Raymond, named Brentwood Neighborhood Hero by Council Member Mike Bonin

Westside News reported
Twice a year, 11th Council District Representative Mike Bonin honors neighborhood heroes and highlights them in his online newsletter.
The heroes are usually unsung and are people who quietly work hard in their communities, and Bonin’s latest hero is Brentwood’s very own Jackie Raymond.

Jackie Raymond is SBRA President Emeritus ABOUT SBRA Board Members

Read Mike Bonin’s Newsletter Mike Bonin’s Neighborhoods First July Newsletter (Brentwood Science Magnet Elementary alum): We Need to Invest in Education

ATTN: sat down with to discuss how he hopes the song will spark conversation about what’s happening in society today — especially when it comes to education. was bused to Brentwood Science Magnet Elementary: If I wasn’t bussed out across town to Brentwood Science Magnet School, I would still be in the projects. More importantly, the projects — not physically, but here. I wouldn’t have known the difference. Poor is poor in the hood. You don’t know what rich is until you go outside. When I say rich, I’m not talking rich, like money. I’m talking rich here. So education is — it’s a broad — it’s not just what they’re teaching you to learn. School teaches you how to learn. Learn about yourself, learn about how you contribute, learn about what you mean in the world.

Thank God there was a magnet program when I was growing up. But guess what? The neighborhood that I came from? Those schools are still messed up. And guess what? Where I was able to go to school in Brentwood? That neighborhood is still awesome.

“First Dog of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave” by Ron Grant

First Dog of 1600 Pooch’lvania Avenue

My First Year in Arf! Arf! Office!

…is now on Internet bookshelves everywhere.

Critics herald new book as “Best in Show” among First Dog books!

First Dog of 1600 Pooch’lvania Avenue: My First Year in Arf Arf Office! a book about the First Family’s dog, Bo, is now on Internet bookshelves everywhere. Written by the team of Ron Grant and Ron Ovadia with illustrations by Dave Garbot, First Dog contains hilarious and heartwarming illustrations and text that will have readers, young (6 to 10) and old, howling with joy. It shows that education and imagination go hand in paw.

The book follows the adventures of Bo from the kennel to the White House, where he discovers a magical relationship with the First Family’s two daughters, complete with super-slurpy doggy kisses he gives them and the love they give him in return. The story reveals that Bo, beyond sniffing his way around the White House, also has a nose for politics. He uses his (nonpartisan) political insights to rekindle animal rights and rescue, create doggy health and job programs, and thwart puppy mills across the nation. Bo holds a press conference, recites his own doggy version of the Gettysburg Address, and even pens his own Animal Bill of Rights. The story of a less fortunate kennel pup that becomes First Dog symbolizes the spirit of hope that can encourage young readers to follow their own dreams.

First Dog of 1600 Pooch’lvania Avenue: My First Year in Arf Arf Office! is now available at, Amazon’s Kindle, the iPad with a Kindle App, and

10% of the book’s net profits will be donated to animal rights and rescue organizations.