A message from our LAPD Senior Lead Officer Matt Kirk

Brentwood has experienced a 25% decrease in part one crime this year compared to the same time in 2022. In every crime category, we had a decrease in crime with 11% being the lowest decrease in crime. For Brentwood to continue with these low crime rates, we must all make efforts to make the area more difficult for the criminals to be successful. I have list simple crime prevention tips in these categories

Burglary (down 39%)

  • Lock up all doors and windows when you leave home. Also lock side gates to the yard area and any storage sheds on property.
  • Leave lights and a television or radio on if possible. If you are away for an extended vacation, make arrangements to have mail, packages and newspapers collected. Also ask a trusted neighbor to keep an eye on your home while you’re gone.
  • Keep your house well-lit, particularly around entrances. Add extra lighting around with motion detectors around entrances and dark corners of your home.
  • If possible, consider getting a security system. If you have a system make sure it is always in good working order and checked regularly. Make sure security cameras are in properly working and the recording is saved for at least 30 days. Also, be able to access footage if needed.
  • If you have a video doorbell, be sure to respond when someone comes to your door, whether or not you’re home. Burglars often check to see if anyone is home before breaking in.
  • Photograph your valuables in their locations around your home and make a list of the make, model and serial numbers. Photograph important documents and keep them in a safe deposit box. If you have a safe, make sure it is secured to the ground to prevent removal.

Grand Theft Auto(down30%)/ Burglary Theft from motor vehicle (down 11%)

  • Always lock and secure your vehicle.
  • Never leave any personal property in plain sight. If you must leave valuables in the vehicle, keep locked inside the trunk or hide in the vehicle.
  • Never leave the key fob inside the vehicle. If you live in a building with tandem parking, never leave keys inside the vehicle or on top of the tire for ease of moving vehicles.
  • Always make sure the second set of keys is in a secure location
  • If you have a Prius, investigate getting a security plate to prevent the catalytic converters from being stolen. Also, if possible, park in a secured garage.

Theft (down 23%)

  • If you live in a building, make sure delivered packages are secured in a locked closet prior to pick up. If unable to have packages locked in a secure mail room, make sure they are picked up prior to the next day. Many package thefts from buildings occur between midnight and 5:00 a.m.
  • Those that live-in single-family residences, make sure packages are picked up ASAP. Try and schedule deliveries on days you know you will be home.
  • Whenever shopping at the store, make sure purses are being worn to the front and never left in the shopping cart. Theft crews often work in pairs. One suspect will engage in small talk while the second suspect will grab the wallet out of the purse. Many times, by the time the victim notices the wallet is gone, the suspects have already made charges on the card in a very short period.