DO NOT BLOCK INTERSECTION signs to be installed at Wilshire Boulevard at Barrington

SBRA meetings with the Dept of Transportation and CD11 have resulted in DO NOT BLOCK INTERSECTION signs at Wilshire Boulevard at Barrington in response to requests from the community. Hope it will ease the traffic gridlock there. See below.
Marylin Krell, Past President SBRA

June 13, 2017

11 – Western SR# 80354
Barrington Av & Wilshire Blvd



That “DO NOT BLOCK INTERSECTION” signs be authorized for eastbound and westbound traffic on Wilshire Boulevard at Barrington Avenue. (Section 80.07 (d) L.A.M.C.)


A request was received from Marylin Krell of South Brentwood Residents Association, on behalf of the area residents, for the installation of “DO NOT BLOCK INTERSECTION” signs for eastbound and westbound traffic on Wilshire Boulevard at Barrington Avenue due to concerns with gridlock at this intersection.

A traffic engineering study of this location has been completed. The study included an investigation of the physical conditions and existing traffic controls, and field observations of traffic movement through this intersection.

In the Mobility Plan 2035 of the City ‘ s General Plan Transportation Element, Wilshire Boulevard is classified as “Boulevard II” with an average daily volume of 50,000 vehicles , and Barrington Avenue is classified as “Avenue II” with an average daily volume of 20,000 vehicles. The study revealed that eastbound and westbound motorists on Wilshire Boulevard at times block this intersection, especially during the weekday peak periods.

The installation of “DO NOT BLOCK INTERSECTION” signs, as described in the Determination, is justified to discourage motorists on Wilshire Boulevard from stopping within the intersection and interfering with the movement of traffic in and out of Barrington Avenue.

Approved by:

Mohammad H. Blorfroshan, P.E.
Senior Transportation Engineer Southern and Western Districts

cc: Councilmember Mike Bonin, 11th Council District (Attn: Debbie Dyner Harris, Jessie Holzer, Len Nguyen)

No more!!

LADOT: Installs protected-permissive left-turn signals all directions at BarringtonXWilshire

The Los Angeles Department of Transportation has authorized the installation of protected-permissive* left-turn signals in all directions at Barrington Av and Wilshire Blvd intersection (similar to Bundy Dr and Wilshire Blvd).

At Bundy Dr and Wilshire Blvd intersection, the left-turn signals for all directions are protected-permissive-type*. The left-turn phase for each direction is activated based on demand. In each left-turn lane, the loop detectors activating the left-turn phasing are approximately 70 ft to 90 ft from the crosswalks (depending on the length of the left-turn pocket), so when there are four or more vehicles in a left-turn lane at the beginning of the cycle for that direction, the left-turn phase gets activated and the green phase would be extended if there is a demand.

*In a “permissive” mode, a green signal permits vehicles to turn left as traffic allows(see left image in Figure 1 Permissive and Protected).
In a “permissive/protected” mode, the permissive left-turn phase is immediately followed by an exclusive, protected left-turn phase, initiated by a green arrow signal indication (see image in Figure 1 Permissive and Protected).
– Courtesy of Federal Highway Administration Office of Safety

An alternative style of a left-turn signal light is Sunnyvale’s

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Dept of Transportation (DOT): SBRA input requested prior to installation of stops signs

The Dept of Transportation (DOT) has been working closely with SBRA asking for our input prior to installation of stop signs in our area.
1. They will soon be installing an all-way sign control at the intersection of Granville Ave and Kiowa Ave. We have received many complaints about the unsafe conditions there and we welcome this improvement. The installation could take 4-8 weeks, depending upon the field crew’s schedule.

2. Although Chenault St and Westgate Av are technically outside SBRA boundaries, we would like to know if anyone has an opinion re: installation of an all-way stop sign control at the Chenault St and Westgate Av intersection.

According to DOT, there is an approximate distance of more than 1,200 ft between existing controls on Westgate Av (between Currituck Dr and Montana Av) so this intersection meets their “Stop Sign Pattern” guideline for all-way stop sign control.

They have asked for a response in one week and after that they will proceed with the approval.

We appreciate notification and hope you will respond before March 31 if you approve…or disapprove of this installation.

Speed Humps: Register your request

The City stopped installing speed humps a while back due to lack of funds and issues with emergency vehicles. This new pilot program got so many applications in the first few hours, they could not handle the requests. That being said, please DO get on the list. Remember a requirement for actual installation includes a general consensus of homeowners on your street as well as various DOT requirements.
Information about Speed Humps AND Speeding in Residential Neighborhoods is attached.
Click here to SIGN UP for a speed hump

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Westside “Martin Expo Town Center Project” approved by LA City Council

Tricia Keane, Director of Land Use & Planning for Los Angeles City Council District 11 (Mike Bonin Council Member)
adds the following explanation to the approved plan:
The project that was approved was the revised project, which has 150,000 sf of commercial office, smaller grocery store (reduced by 40%), 20% affordable housing, 100 parking spaces for Expo Patrons, traffic and circulation improvements like a raised median in Bundy to prevent cut through traffic, $250K for a traffic signal at the Olympic driveway if the neighborhood wants it (subject to DOT approval), and the reconfiguration of the pedestrian island (i.e., “pork chop”) to create a larger pedestrian area at the corner and make crossing the street safer.

(Details available at these sites)
Mike Bonin Website LA City Council Approval of Metro Expo Center

FROM COUNCILMEMBER MIKE BONIN: Expo/Bundy Metro Expo Line Infrastructure Grant funds improvements

Grant will make it easier and safer to walk to and from the station

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Los Angeles Department of Transportation started deploying traffic control officers on Sunset during the evening rush hour.

The new deployment is a 90-day pilot program. We will be evaluating how effective the officers are at keeping traffic moving, particularly through clogged intersections. Traffic officers will be deployed along Sunset Boulevard at Barrington Avenue, Bundy Drive, Kenter Avenue and Church Lane. If the presence of the officers makes a dent in the gridlock, I will work with LADOT to develop a strategy for keeping traffic officers on Sunset in the long-term.

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In general Expo will be running every 12 minutes and will take 40 minutes to get to Metro Center, and 43 minutes to get back to Bundy.


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