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We received this notice from a Carmelina creek dweller this morning:

“The great horned owl has returned to our neighborhood. It was “who who who- ing” in the Sycamore that overhangs my bedroom this morning at about 5:30 am.

I did not hear the screech owl last night, although I was out to dinner and could have missed it. It has been around lately early in the evening. It is interesting that both owls have us on their circuit.

We have a lot of rats. I hope double duty owls can diminish the rodent problem.

Tell your neighbors not to use poison. Snap traps are better. Poisoned rats still run around for a while and will poison the hawks and owls and crows if they eat them.[to say nothing of accidental poisoning of pets and other important animals in the ecosystem such as fish, frogs – poison is indiscriminate.”

The Great Horned Owl’s territory covers the length of our section of the creek because we have heard the same call in early morning hours for the last month up at the Montana boundary for the first time in 30 years. We have not heard the screech owl, though neighbors somewhat south of us have.

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