will.i.am (Brentwood Science Magnet Elementary alum): We Need to Invest in Education

ATTN: sat down with will.i.am to discuss how he hopes the song will spark conversation about what’s happening in society today — especially when it comes to education.


will.i.am was bused to Brentwood Science Magnet Elementary:
will.i.am: If I wasn’t bussed out across town to Brentwood Science Magnet School, I would still be in the projects. More importantly, the projects — not physically, but here. I wouldn’t have known the difference. Poor is poor in the hood. You don’t know what rich is until you go outside. When I say rich, I’m not talking rich, like money. I’m talking rich here. So education is — it’s a broad — it’s not just what they’re teaching you to learn. School teaches you how to learn. Learn about yourself, learn about how you contribute, learn about what you mean in the world.

Thank God there was a magnet program when I was growing up. But guess what? The neighborhood that I came from? Those schools are still messed up. And guess what? Where I was able to go to school in Brentwood? That neighborhood is still awesome.


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