Wild Life ALERT: Mountain lion sighting at Mt St. Mary's Chalon Campus

From Mount St. Mary’s Campus Security Director:
Campus Security is alerting the community of a verified mountain lion sighting on two separate occasions on the Chalon Campus. The sightings have occurred in the early morning hours at the entrance to the university. The animal has not be seen beyond the main entrance security kiosk. We have notified California Department of Fish and Wildlife as part of our normal protocol. Should you see a mountain lion on campus, contact Campus Security immediately.

Michael McFatridge
Director of Campus Security
Title IX Lead Special Investigator
Division of Student Affairs
Mount Saint Mary’s University, Los Angeles
12001 Chalon Road, Los Angeles, CA 90049
Chalon Campus- 310.954.4084 | [email protected]
Doheny Campus- 213.477.2995

Please remember: Wildlife is just that – WILD. There are NO provisions for the removal/relocation of wildlife UNLESS they have attacked.
Report a wildlife encounter HERE
See Steve Winter’s 60 minutes gallery of the Mountain Lions of LA HERE


Download the PDF file .

Download the PDF file .

LA Dept of Animal Services: WLA Wildlife Workshop Minutes
Crime Report: Senior Lead Office West Los Angeles Community Police Station