Special to Brentwood News: Efforts to repair and protect Brentwood's Backyard Treasure - Kenter Creek

From Westside Today

Kenter Creek is a rare natural urban watercourse, a perennial “Blue Line” stream that runs above and below ground from the Santa Monica Mountains through Brentwood and Santa Monica into Santa Monica Bay.

A group of homeowners along Kenter Creek has organized the Kenter Creek Committee, under the sponsorship of the South Brentwood Residents Association (SBRA). Their goals are to inform the public, to bring all existing construction into compliance, prevent future illegal construction or blockage of its flow to Santa Monica Bay, and restore Kenter Creek, working closely with neighbors and local and state officials.

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Kenter Creek Committee Thanks Councilmember Mike Bonin
This video taken by Ron Grant in 1990 shows the multitude of butterflies which used to populate the creek area