REGARDING BURGLARIES: From SBRA President Marylin Krell

Hello neighbors,

I have recently received emails from residents in South Brentwood who were victims of burglary…especially folks who live on Wellesley.
Several years ago Sr. Lead Officer Enbody asked SBRA to host a meeting because of the rise in crime in that area.
At that meeting, Officer Enbody said the single best precaution to take was to:
· Be sure all locks are operational and lock your doors and windows
· Have back up devices in the event your alarm fails
· Dogs are a deterrent
· Install exterior lights that go on at dark and off at dusk, sensor lights.
· Close your draperies, put lights on, play TV or music.

Attached Sr. Lead Officer Maria Gray’s message about burglary she sent out in February 2016.
I recently received this message…
– Why don’t we choose one alarm company so we can get a dedicated car for each area?
And I received this message from a Wellesley resident a few months ago:
– FYI today a chair outside of our front yard was stolen. It was made of metal and had some heft so I don’t
know how someone could just take it when it was all the way into our driveway. Nevertheless this all just
worries me and I think we need to increase security and patrol in lower Brentwood

A request for a private security patrol has been suggested many times in the past. It may be something your neighborhood wants to consider. Please let me know if you would like SBRA to help you research this. Residents will have to pay for it, but it is done in neighboring communities.

May I suggest that your neighborhood compile a shared list of emails and contact numbers? That is an important first step toward safety….for protection and communication re: crime as well as during an emergency.

Please let me know if your neighborhood is already connected and how SBRA might help you.

Wishing you a safe and Happy New Year!

Marylin Krell

South Brentwood Residents Association
Please review SLO Maria Gray’s tips posted in February 2016

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