Post Office & Delivery Reminders for the Holidays

Happy Holidays! Package delivery season is here – let’s prepare ahead of time:
1. Barrington Post Office – issues with counter service and mail theft can be reported to our local postmaster:
Joe G. Zapata, 200 S Barrington Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90049
USPS Postmaster, Los Angeles District | (323) 586-1201
2. Amazon: When ordering, please consider delivery to the Amazon Locker at Whole Foods on San Vicente – log in to your Amazon account and search for Amazon Locker for more details.
3. Sign up for USPTO Informed Delivery for text and email notifications on postal service packages: Go to; Click “Quick Tools,” then “Informed Delivery”.
4. Install a video doorbell and motion sensor lighting. Make sure multifamily housing with shared mailbox areas have security cameras and lock boxes for packages. It was a multifamily building, mailbox-area camera that caught a mail theft ring in Brentwood not long ago.
5. Have packages delivered to your office. 
6. Use Fed Ex Delivery Manager or UPS My Choice to track and re-route packages if you won’t be home for a delivery.
Recycling Bins Filled to the Brim