Pfizer Vaccine Booster Dose Available to Eligible LA County Residents – COVID-19 Newsletter Issue 6

 COVID-19 NewsletterIssue 6October 5, 2021
Pfizer Vaccine Booster Dose Available to Eligible LA County Residents 
Eligible Los Angeles County residents can now begin receiving their booster doses at any of the hundreds of sites offering the Pfizer vaccine.  Los Angeles County residents eligible for a booster dose of Pfizer include the following groups of people who received the second of the two-dose Pfizer vaccine series at least 6 months ago and are either:  People aged 65 years or older Residents of long-term care facilities Are 50-64 and have an underlying medical condition or are at increased risk due to social inequity (including that of communities of color) People aged 18 to 64 years with underlying medical conditions People aged 18 to 64 years with high institutional or occupational risk, including healthcare workers, first responders, teachers and day care staff, grocery workers, and workers in homeless shelters or prisons, among others 
Residents who received Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccines will need to wait until the FDA reviews the data and determines the need for and safety of boosters for these vaccines.  Residents wanting a booster will need to bring proof they received two previous Pfizer doses, which for most people will be in the form of the white vaccination card, or a photo of the white card, or a digital record of your two doses. At many sites, residents may be asked to sign an attestation form indicating they meet the criteria to receive the Pfizer booster. 
Those not yet vaccinated can make an appointment to get vaccinated by going to MyTurn. Eligible residents who completed their two-dose Pfizer vaccine series at least six months ago can also make an appointment for their boosters by using the MyTurn system or by making an appointment at a pharmacy or clinic that offers Pfizer vaccinations.  If you need a ride to get your vaccination, you can reach out to the Public Health call center at 1-833-540-0473 and you will be connected to free transportation. Information about the COVID-19 vaccines, vaccination site map and many other resources can be out found at or  
Business Toolkit for Ensuring Safety and Compliance with Health Officer Orders Available Now
Public Health has created one-stop resource for all LA County businesses to learn how they can prevent COVID-19 surges through vaccination verification. The resources and materials include an overview on how to verify vaccination or a negative test, signs to post in your business, and other resources, including How to Host a Mobile Clinic at your business for employees or patrons and guidance for Mega Events. Visit this webpage at  
Resources for Parents & GuardiansClick here to see resources for parents and guardians of children who are in Early Care and Education (ECE) programs such as child care centers, family child care homes, and preschools, as well as children in Transitional Kindergarten to 12th Grade (TK-12) schools.  This page includes the up to date Protocols for Youth Sports and gives exposure management plan guidance for organized after school programs including youth sports.  Parents and Guardians can also find COVID-19 Vaccine Facts for Teens and For Parents. All helpful guides are available in multiple languages and easily downloaded for shareability.  noelani
Checkout our Public Health Town Hall on COVID-19 Vaccine Boosters Last week, Dr. Barbara Ferrer hosted an online townhall last week to answer your questions about boosters, COVID-19 vaccines for children, and how to keep our businesses and schools open. Click on the image below to watch the full town hall or jump to some of the most frequently asked questions.  
Quick Links to your frequently asked Questions!
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How long does the virus stay in your body? I am worried about getting vaccinated because I recently recovered from COVID-19. 
When the vaccine is approved for ages 5-11, can my child get it at their school, and can I be there with them for the appointment? 
My school district isn’t mandating vaccines? Why aren’t all schools mandating vaccines and what can I do to help? Is it safe for Children with asthma to get the COVID-19 vaccine?  
How long will the vaccine mandates last? Is the mask mandate or requirement of masks going away anytime soon? 
I am nervous about carrying my vaccination card with me. What are my other options when providing my vaccination status? 
Do gyms now have to require proof of vaccination?
Is asking people to provide their vaccination status a HIPAA violation? 
Additional Resources
The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health has developed a wide array of documents, guidance documents, and resources for the workers, businesses, partners, and the general public on a variety of topics related to COVID-19, including: COVID-19 Vaccine Information and Community Resources 
Information for the Public  Masks Travel Reducing Risk Public Settings Sick? Workers’ Rights Pamphlet 
Best Practices for Businesses Food and Beverage Indoor Fitness 
Community Awareness Safety Tips from Brentwood Community Council & South Brentwood Residents Association
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