Note from Sr. Lead Officer Maria Gray

Senior Lead Officer for Basic Car 8A13, Brentwood Area
Los Angeles Police Department
West Los Angeles Division
(310) 444-0744 | 30469@LAPD.ONLINE

January 2, 2020       HAPPY NEW YEAR BRENTWOOD!!

Well folks, it’s been a wonderful ride.  But over the next couple of weeks I’ll be further and further transitioning out towards retirement while your new Senior Lead Officer, Officer Matt Kirk, will transition in.  That being said, it’s now the time to update your LAPD contact info with HIS information.  Please send all your emails, inquiries, and complaints (yes, especially the complaints) to Officer Kirk starting right now.  That way, if he has any questions, he can still get a hold of me to give him a hand if need be.  Also, my account will soon be deactivated and I don’t want anyone to be left frustrated. 

Officer Matt Kirk | 310-444-0744

I’ve been so fortunate to be a part of the Brentwood community for the past seven years.  In my experience (and I’ve been a Senior Lead for nearly 18 of my 26 years) the Brentwood community is unique from other communities in that folks always stepped up to help.  There was always an attitude of ‘What can be done?’ or ‘How can I help?’ or ‘What do you need?’ rather than simply demanding something or making unreasonable complaints.  I have always wanted to do my best for Brentwood because so many of you have evolved into a friendship for me in our collaborative efforts to solve community problems and make improvements. 

I hope Brentwood’s children know just how lucky they are to grow up in a community within this vast metropolis of Los Angeles that still has a small-town feel, a sense of community, where kindness comes easy and smiles are plentiful.  I’d swear that even the weather seems better here in Brentwood.  Oh sure, we have our issues: traffic is horrendous, the unresolved homeless issue continues, etc., but the movers and the shakers of this community work tirelessly to always improve, always move forward, always put forth an effort. 

Crime this year has been at record lows.  And that’s on top of the substantial decrease we experienced last year!  But that’s little comfort to those who have been victimized– statistics mean nothing to them.  So, we must never forget that crime ebbs and flows, or swings like a pendulum.  We MUST continue to make security improvements to our homes, we MUST continue to use ‘Big City’ common sense in our daily life practices (i.e. not leaving anything within your vehicles, ever) and to stay ever aware, connected, and to fight complacency.  It doesn’t take much for a couple of criminals to decimate the security of a neighborhood and to traumatize families and their sense of security, forever.  So, we must continue to play hard ball.  We must continue to watch, challenge, report and improve upon all aspects of our community: our homes, our neighbor’s homes, our residential neighborhoods and our workplaces.  Bad guys must never be allowed to feel comfortable and unseen.  I’ve said it before, BE THE BUSY BODY, there’s no shame in it if your intentions are good.   

I’m leaving you in good hands.  Senior Lead Officer Matt Kirk has been chosen by our Commanding Officer to replace me for the Brentwood area.  But he is not a brand new Senior Lead Officer.  He has been a Police Officer for nearly 20 years and he has already been a Senior Lead Officer for the past 11 years.  He comes to your community with a lot of experience. 

In closing, I wish you all well.  I hope that Brentwood will continue its path and legacy as one of the most beautiful, safest, kindest communities in all of Los Angeles. It has been my pleasure, as well as an honor, to serve you. 

All the best,


Editor’s note:

I never knew, before moving to Brentwood, that there would be an available, approachable, optimistic Senior Lead Officer who would become an integral part of our community. Who would respond to our issues both community-wide and personal, who would write frequent crime updates and include practical advice. Who would attend our community meetings, our HOA meetings, our neighborhood meetings, our public events…who would become my friend.

We wish Officer Gray much happiness as she begins a new chapter in her life. We will miss you Officer Gray!

Senior Lead Officer Kirk…Welcome to Brentwood! We look forward to getting to know you!

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