Message from Mike Feuer, LA City Attorney

Mike Feuer, LA City Attorney

This morning [Jan. 18, 2019] I’m releasing the first in a series of weekly chats entitled Message from Mike. These unscripted video talks will center on the important issues of our time and what we can—and should—be doing to address them.

This week’s message focuses on homelessness, including a very personal story about a homeless woman named Anne who lived on my block, and her journey to being housed and potentially opening a new chapter in her life.
Sometimes the issue of homelessness can seem daunting, even overwhelming. But we can change that. What if we each of us committed to help transform the life of just one person in the new year? And what if we began with people who are homeless? Call it the Just One Person Campaign.

I also discuss some of the many ways our office is helping to tackle our homeless crisis, and emphasize how important it is that every neighborhood join in finding solutions.

In the coming weeks I’ll discuss school safety, environmental protection, criminal justice reform, privacy in the digital age, taking on blight and problem properties and more.

You can watch Message from Mike on our website at as well as on Facebook at

Badge Note: Sr. Lead Officer Maria Gray