LAPD WLA CITIZEN CRIME BRIEFING – BRENTWOOD September 24, 2016 – October 23, 2016

Dear Neighbors,

Please note Officer Gray’s reminder to lock your doors! And keep valuables out of sight! Ladies…take your purse with you! I find it amazing that even paperwork has been stolen!
Below the Crime Briefing Report is a request from LAPD detectives regarding a missing person. Officer Gray told me that there are actually many of these reports, especially now as the rise of dementia and Alzheimer climbs.
Please watch out for each other…and be safe.

URGE YOU TO READ about Nancy Paulikas whose husband writes:
Nancy is a graduate of the University of California-Davis with a Master’s Degree in computer science from UCLA and is also a certified pilot, an animal lover who almost became a vet, an experienced hiker and back packer, a devoted fan of Nine Inch Nails, a passionate conservationist and an accomplished business woman. To her parents, George and Joan, she is the treasured only child who lights up their lives. To me, her husband of fourteen years, she is the soul-mate that I’d never imagined being lucky enough to find. To her many friends, she is regarded as a stalwart, intelligent, fun-loving and loyal compadre. Though many of these outstanding characteristics have been dimmed over the last couple of years by the progressive toll of her advancing Alzheimer’s disease, she remains all of these things and we will continue to share the stories that make her as real to you as she is to us until together we have her safely at home.

Download the PDF file .

Download the PDF file .

LAPD WLA Crime Report: BRENTWOOD 10.24.2016 - 11.11.16
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