“Kuehl Happenings”- Supervisor Sheila Kuehl’s Weekly eMail Newsletter: L.A. County Supervisory District 3 – 5.22.21

Sing it loud now, you Hamilton groupies: “I am not throwin’ away my shot!”  Closer and closer to recovery and it’s easier and more convenient than ever to claim your vaccine shot. 
In fact, today at the Hollywood Pantages Theatre, (until 6 pm) you can drop in for a free COVID-19 vaccination AND a chance to win a pair of tickets to Hamilton! More on that at www.broadwayinhollywood.com/vaxup
Outside of the obvious health benefits and pride in protecting your community from COVID-19, proof of vaccination is turning out to be this summer’s VIP Pass! Not only our Dodgers, but also long-shuttered concert venues like the Hollywood Bowl are offering priority seating to vaccinated patrons, and a number of not-to-be-missed upcoming events and concerts throughout the country are requiring proof of vaccination. So get the shot—it’s a one way ticket back to summer fun! 

If sports are more your speed, get vaccinated at select sites this weekend for the chance to win a pair of Los Angeles Lakers season tickets! See the official rules here!
And for any parents seeking to do as much research as possible before getting their children (12 and older) vaccinated, we’ve got you covered. Check out the Department of Public Health Parents’ Vaccine Town Hall here
And if you have been vaccinated (yay!), please take a minute to share your experience and encourage those in your circle to follow your lead. 
A recent Department of Public Health (DPH) report analyzed the bases for mortality among people experiencing homelessness and found a whopping 84% increase in fatal overdoses in the last few years. We have to take action to save lives.

The Board passed a motion I co-authored with Supervisor Hilda Solis to increase harm reduction strategies, including expanding the provision of Naloxone (Narcan), needle exchange programs, and medically assisted treatment, as well as strategizing expansion so that we more effectively reach people experiencing homelessness.

For years, The County has operated life-saving, harm reduction services, but we have never targeted people experiencing homelessness. The DPH report made clear that drug overdoses have a devastating impact on one of our most vulnerable communities. This motion will expand proven programs and make sure that our unhoused residents can access them. It represents another step forward as we build a ‘care first’ system for all of our residents.
Read about that, paid leave for vaccination appointments, saving LA County trees, and more, in this week’s Board of Supes’ Take 5
I’m really excited that the Board approved a motion I co-authored with Supervisor Holly Mitchell asking our CEO to explore the establishment of a Guaranteed Income Pilot Program and report back in the next 60 days. The pilot will identify 1,000 County residents (primarily women living at or below poverty level who were released from incarceration in the last 7 years, Transition Age Youth (TAY) head of households, and/or Domestic Violence Survivors) to receive $1,000/month for three years. 
ReadLA County Approves Pilot Program for Guaranteed Basic Income
The concept of Guaranteed Basic Income has been gaining a lot of ground, and with good reason. Initial findings from pilot programs in Finland and the California city of Stockton indicate that people who participated spent the money on basic needs, including food, merchandise, utilities, and auto costs, and, given help to tide them over life’s low points, experienced better ability to seek and gain employment and decreased feelings of anxiety and depression. 
LA County has the highest poverty rate in California, and we need to look to ambitious and innovative solutions to give our residents a hand up and break generational cycles of poverty. Hopefully, this pilot will give us a deeper insight into how we can do just that. 
A lot of the policies we enact in the Board room, especially the forward-thinking, progressive ones, begin with grassroots organizing, much of which is initiated by young people who care a great deal about building a brighter future for their communities. 
This summer, the Social Change Institute and the California Endowment are seeking young activists (16-18 years old) to participate in a Leading for Equity MasterClass, a series of learning modules that address the core competencies needed to support aspiring activists in leading activities that are authentic, inclusive, sustainable and designed to achieve a more equitable future. All participants will earn a certificate from Pacific Oaks College, which is an accredited institution, along with a $1,000 stipend funded by the California Endowment. 
I know from my own life experience that young people who are informed, inspired, and armed with the tools to organize have immeasurable power to make a difference. To apply for the Leading For Equity Masterclass, click here

It was bound to happen to an incredible man who was only three years shy of his hundredth birthday, but I am still heartbroken to report on the passing of Colonel Dick Littlestone, the first-ever recipient of the County Board of Supervisors’ Veterans Lifetime Achievement Award and a thoroughly admirable, dedicated, and decent man.
Colonel Littlestone served in the Army for 33 years and his valor and skill earned him a number of decorations including the Legion of Merit, the Bronze Star, and more than a dozen other medals. After his service, he became a persistent and tireless advocate for veterans in LA County, and for their ability to finally rest in peace and honor. Please read more about this remarkable man’s life and advocacy below. 
ReadThank You Colonel Dick Littlestone
It was a privilege and an honor to have known and stood alongside Colonel Littlestone, a shining example for all of us of patriotic duty and service, love of country and dedication to the people of Los Angeles County.8.6.0  Have a happy and safe weekend!


This is Otto! 

Otto is a 2 year old Pitbull mix that came into the shelter as a stray. Otto is full of personality and charm. This cutie would make a great family dog, loves to play, easy to walk, and just look at him!

He is available now for adoption from Castaic Animal Care Center, please email [email protected] to make an appointment to meet Otto! 
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