Kuehl Happenings ~ 9.25.21

The County Department of Public Health will require vaccination in certain high-risk venues, such as bars, nightclubs, wineries, and breweries, in two short weeks. Additionally, attendees at indoor mega-events with 1,000+ attendees must now verify COVID-19 vaccination or a negative test result. Effective October 7, outdoor mega-events will also require vaccine verification or a negative test 72 hours before the event.
Several weeks ago, LA County mandated that all of our 100,000+ employees get vaccinated or begin weekly testing, starting October 1st. I sincerely hope that all employers will implement similar policies and understand that help is available to do so. 
This helpful toolkit can help guide your workplace policies and provide a plethora of educational materials for employees. You can even request a mobile clinic to come right to your worksite! Beyond protecting your employees and preventing disruptive workplace outbreaks, it’s just good customer service to provide the peace of mind that your employees are doing their part to stop the spread of this virus. 
Vaccination is the centerpiece of our regional recovery. The more people who get vaccinated, the closer we get to putting this dark chapter behind us. Read on for more on how LA County is working towards an equitable and comprehensive recovery! 8.6.0
The pandemic has affected every facet of our lives and is still having a devastating impact on businesses, families, mental health, housing, nutrition, and so much more.  As we rebuild and recover, LA County is committed to getting our residents back on their feet swiftly and equitably. 
Recovery.lacounty.gov is our new recovery hub, providing a one-stop-shop for available resources and eliminating the need to parse through a daunting amount of COVID-19 information (and misinformation) online. In addition, the site will be continually updated as more programs and services become available, ensuring timely access to critical aid. 
Get connected to the help you need at Recovery.lacounty.gov! 8.5.7
Every 10 years, LAUSD School Board Member (Board of Education) district boundaries are redrawn to account for population changes. You have an opportunity to give your opinion on how district boundaries should be redrawn to best represent your community, and you can do so directly by participating in a public hearing or by leaving a public comment. 
Check out the “people-powered” draft maps here! 
The public is welcomed and encouraged to share their ideas and comments by filling out the public comment form here or emailing comments directly to: [email protected]. 8.6.0
On October 9, LA County Parks and Recreation will present the 2021 Girls Empowerment Conference! This year’s theme is: girls with dreams become women with vision. 
Free for LA County girls ages 12-18, participants will hear from influential women innovators, educators, trailblazers, and more! Girls will have an opportunity to connect with their peers and all the speakers to feel connected, inspired, and empowered. And they’ll do more than merely listen. This event provides direct access to opportunities for training, technical certifications, scholarships, and employment. Because when you open doors for girls, they WILL shatter glass ceilings. 
Registration is free and required. Space is limited, so register today!8.5.7
Take me to your reader ? Calling all young sci-fi writers: The Omega Sci-Fi Awards want to hear from you! 
The Omega Sci-Fi Awards were founded seven years ago by Sci-Fest LA and is presented by the arts and education nonprofit, Light Bringer Project. Their goal is to provide a platform and opportunities for emerging authors to tell imaginative stories and use the medium to explore the possible futures of humanity – from the ways in which we address scientific, social, philosophical, and environmental issues to the development of new technologies and outer space exploration.
Learn more about this unique competition here! 
The genre of Sci-Fi has always combined imaginative visions of our future with social commentary relevant to our present, and I’m excited to see what this “next generation” comes up with!8.6.0
Have a happy and safe weekend!

Meet 8-year-old Trixie (the lovely lady in black) #A5434548 and her 8-year-old beau Toby (the handsome gentleman in brown) #A5434554!

Sadly, this adorable twosome was turned into us, along with their pal Tipi (since adopted!), when their family was evicted from their home. 

Both dogs are very shy, Trixie being the braver of the duo.  But both are very sweet puppies. They have been fully vetted, needing only dental work for which they are already scheduled. 

What these two need more than anything is a home with a cozy bed where they can curl up together and enjoy a new family. 

To meet this bonded twosome, please self-schedule an appointment, or email [email protected] for more information. 
VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System (VAGLAHS)4th Virtual Master Plan 2022 Townhall Thursday, October 28, 2021
VA Greater LA Healthcare System [VAGLAHS] Hosts Master Plan 2022-2027 Virtual Townhall: