Kenter Creek

A group of homeowners along Kenter Creek have organized a Committee under the sponsorship of SBRA to protect and restore Kenter Creek. Kenter Creek is a “Blue Line” stream that runs above and below ground from the Santa Monica Mountains, through Brentwood and Santa Monica, into Santa Monica Bay. In South Brentwood, it flows through Wellesley, Centinela, and South Carmelina.

The mission of the group is to bring all existing construction into compliance and prevent future illegal construction or blockage of its flow to Santa Monica Bay by working closely with neighbors and local and state officials to preserve and restore Kenter Creek to a viable ecosystem for generations to come.

The committee has met with LA Dept. of Building and Safety officials, the West LA Bureau of Engineering, Councilman Bonin’s and Assemblyman Bloom’s office, the SBRA board, and local realtors. They have sought the advice of the Resource Conservation District of Santa Monica Mountains, Save the Bay, Santa Monica Bay Restoration Foundation, and California Fish and Wildlife Department about how to rehabilitate Kenter into a healthy creek.

The creek is fragile and there are laws to protect it. Its channel, banks and trees are under the protection of Federal, State and City agencies. Any development, building or site work which incorporate or are adjacent to the creek are subject to these regulations.

The committee has created a Guide for Kenter Creek Owners which provides important information regarding the creek.

For more information, please contact SBRA.