From LAPD WLA Senior Lead Officer: Tandem Parking Warning

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A note from…
OFFICER Maria Gray
Senior Lead Officer for Basic Car 8A13, Brentwood Area
Los Angeles Police Department
West Los Angeles Division
(310) 444-0744

August 23, 2018

Auto detectives just shared with me this morning that they are seeing a recurring trend of crimes associated with the very unwise habit of leaving keys in cars for ‘tandem’ parking. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this practice, it typically involves parking in multi-unit complex garages wherein one car parks directly behind another car. They then leave their keys in the car or ‘hidden’ on the tires so that roommates or family members can maneuver around shared or tight parking spaces. The problem is, the bad guys know of this practice all too well and count on folks doing it to provide them easy access to the inside of cars– whether to steal the contents or to take the car altogether. This is particularly prevalent in the South Brentwood areas.

We can’t emphasis enough how this practice needs to stop. Not only does it jeopardize the cars and property of those engaged in tandem parking, it also affects their neighbors who aren’t engaged in these risky practices. Neighbors can become victims because they are now exposed to the same suspects returning to their properties time and time again since they know it’s easy to steal stuff at 12345 Kiowa or 67890 Goshen. Believe me, when they find a building they can successfully steal from, they will repeatedly return, taking whatever is not nailed down.

And while on this subject involving multi-unit complex garages, it’s worth mentioning that bicycles and other stored property in garages that are in view of anyone who’s in the garage appears as opportunity for those with bad intentions—even if it’s locked!! My advice is to keep bikes and property within your residence. And if that’s impossible, then at least hide it from view so that it doesn’t advertise what’s in there for the taking.

Best to you all, Maria

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