From Councilman Mike Bonin’s office RE: RecycLA

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From the Councilman’s office:
Please feel free to have residents reach out directly to me about these issues, as we have an Athens Council liaison who I can ask to expedite matters.

Lupita Huerta
Constituent Advocate
Councilmember Mike Bonin
City of Los Angeles
310-575-8461 |

Acting to fix significant problems with a new waste hauling system in Los Angeles, Mike and his colleague Mitch O’Farrell introduced legislation in December aimed at improving the customer experience and better protecting consumers from excessive fees charged by waste haulers.
In July 2017, the Los Angeles Bureau of Sanitation launched an ambitious new program, recycLA, designed to dramatically increase recycling, move Los Angeles toward its zero waste goals, ensure fair pricing, improve service, and enhance working conditions. Since the initial rollout of recycLA , however, City Council offices have been inundated with calls and correspondence from small businesses, landlords, and homeowner associations. Concerned constituents have expressed a thread of complaints and confusion regarding sudden and sharply increased costs, confusing new fees and surcharges and inaccurate bills. Their concerns also include frequent and repeated lack of service, lack of notice and widespread poor customer service from the waste haulers.
The Bonin/O’Farrell legislation instructs the Bureau of Sanitation to immediately provide a report to the City Council with recommendations for possible reductions to extra service charges being levied on small businesses and apartment owners, and to allow apartment owners and small business owners to share collection bins to help reduce the cost of service. The legislation additionally demands a plan for further outreach to customers to inform them about the new waste hauling system and of the options available to reduce costs by increasing recycling, and asks for the City Attorney and Board of Public Works to prepare options that allow the city to assess penalties on waste haulers that fail to provide a reasonable level of service to customers.
The legislation was crafted after hearing from hundreds of residents, small business owners, and property owners. Councilmember Bonin said that some of the problems with missed pickups have been so extreme that despite frequent calls to trash haulers and the Bureau of Sanitation, some property owners in his district have received warnings and citations from the Los Angeles County Department of Health.
The Bonin/O’Farrell legislation will be referred to Energy, Climate Change, and Environmental Justice committee and the councilmembers are asking for their motion to receive a hearing quickly so the city can begin improving the recycLA program as soon as possible.

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