How to Co-Exist with Coyotes

Recently we’ve heard about a few coyote sightings:
12/18/15 running north toward the golf course along Wellesley;
1/2/16 “about 2 am on Darlington ave and Amherst when I was walking my dog. He followed us home.”
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How to Coexist with Coyotes
For more information call LA Animal Services NON EMERGENCY Wildlife phone line 323.225.WILD (9453).
For urgent animal related EMERGENCY calls (injured, orphaned (alone>24 hours), distressed, or sick animals) call your local shelter at 888.452.7381 and follow the prompts.

A note from LAPD Senior Lead OFFICER Maria Gray: Traffic Accident Scams

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OFFICER Maria Gray
Senior Lead Officer for Basic Car 8A13, BrentwoodArea
Los Angeles Police Department
West Los Angeles Division
(310) 444-0744

June 6, 2018

Traffic Accident Scams

During our weekly Crime Control Meeting, it was revealed that detectives believe there may a crew ofscam artists targeting drivers throughout not only the Brentwood vicinity, but also, the entire West LA area, if not the entire City.

It happens like this… an unsuspecting driver leaves a parking lot after shopping at a commercial establishment (most recently, a shopper leaving the Ralph’s market at Bundy and Wilshire was targeted but thankfully, she did not fall for the scam). After a minute or so, the suspect’s car will drive up behind them or pull alongside them and begin honking frantically and yelling for the victim to pull over. When the victim does, the suspect then approaches the victim usually while the bewildered victim is still sitting in their parked car. The suspect then insists that the victim just hit their car in and claims that the victim is now trying to leave the site of the traffic accident, essentially, accusing the victim of a Hit & Run.

The suspect typically will use flailing arms and loud accusations intimidating the victim and claiming that he’s going to call the police. This intimidation serves to get the victim to ultimately comply with his demand for money to ‘cover the deductible’. There may even be a bit of paint transfer as part of the scam to further convince the victim that they unwittingly hit the suspect’s car. Or, while the victim is dealing with the suspect’s accusations, a second suspect will come up alongside the passenger side of the victim’s car and remove their purse from the front seat. This is actually an old modus operandi in which they often, but not always, target elderly or lone drivers.

At the time of this note,there is no suspect/vehicle description to share. A couple of the incidents involved lone Males,either of White or Hispanic or Middle Eastern decent. The car descriptions have been variable.

If you suspect that you are being followed or if you find yourself being directed to pull over by a total stranger, please take a deep breath and continue to drive to a well-lit location: ideally, a police station, or a gas station, populated strip mall, or any well-lit, busy, location where there will be many eyes. Do not drive to your home. If or when you do decide to stop make sure your doors are locked (you should always drive with your doors locked anyways) and have your phone in your hand ready to push 911. And don’t worry about their accusation of‘Hit & Run’… If you can articulate that you were seeking to find a safe place to pull over, it will likely be considered as reasonable and understandable to police. In fact, ifyou believe that you’re dealing with one of these scammers, calmly tell the suspect that you are calling police, and then do so. This may make themscadaddle and leave you alone. Let them go, but try to be a good witness while you wait for police to arrive: physical description,license plate, vehicle description, etc. Thank you.

All the best,


LAPD urges pedestrians to ‘walk smart’: By BRENDA GAZZAR | Daily News

REPRINTED from the Daily News

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(Photo by Dean Musgrove, Los Angeles Daily News/SCNG)
By BRENDA GAZZAR | | Daily News
PUBLISHED: May 4, 2018 at 5:56 pm | UPDATED: May 7, 2018 at 5:30 pm
In seven of the 10 fatal pedestrian collision deaths between Jan. 1 and April 21 in the San Fernando Valley, pedestrians themselves were at fault, according to data cited by Capt. Andy Neiman of LAPD’s Valley Traffic Division.

The pedestrians were outside of a crosswalk, walking illegally in the roadway or not crossing corner-to-corner, Neiman said. For example: On the night of Jan. 29, 62-year-old Maria Hernandez was fatally struck by a Mercedes while crossing mid-block near Tampa Avenue and Victory Boulevard in Reseda – outside the crosswalk, Neiman said.

Contributing to the problem: Distracted walking has become as much of a problem as distracted driving, Neiman said. “Many times, their heads are down, looking at their phones, texting, talking on the phone, not paying attention,” Neiman said. “All the same behaviors we see by drivers.”
Los Angeles police regularly remind pedestrians that it’s everyone’s responsibility to walk safely and attentively via their “Walk Smart” campaign – and that job’s getting bigger all the time. Among their duties: officers talk to pedestrians about their safety just before and after they cross the street.

Last year, pedestrians were found to be at fault in about half of the 39 pedestrian fatalities in L.A.’s San Fernando Valley, Neiman said.

Even when pedestrians follow the rules, tragedy can strike. Three-year-old Itzae Herrera was fatally struck in a crosswalk in Arleta – and his father was injured – after an SUV sped past a stop sign earlier this year.

The same day, Jan. 26, senior citizen Daniel Alvarado was hit and killed by a school bus while in a crosswalk in Lake Balboa.

The 10 pedestrian fatalities that occurred between Jan. 1 and April 21st in the Valley is down from 16 last year during the same period, according to Neiman. However, the number has risen steadily in recent years, with an average of 31.5 pedestrians killed in traffic collisions in L.A’s San Fernando Valley each year over the past four years.

Of the 89 overall traffic deaths in the Valley that occurred last year, 39 – or 44 percent – were pedestrians, according to the LAPD.
Pedestrians are required to cross the street only in marked or unmarked crosswalks between controlled intersections, according to the state’s vehicle code. Pedestrians on a road who are not in a crosswalk at an intersection must yield the right-of-way to vehicles on the road to avoid being an immediate hazard.

Someone crossing in an unmarked crosswalk would cross at a corner of two streets which meet at right angles, excluding alleys.

But even pedestrians who are legally crossing the street need to beware of any oncoming traffic.

Older people too, whose bodies move slower, may also misjudge how much time they have to cross the street as a car approaches, he said.

“They think they have more time than they do,” Neiman said. “That’s why we encourage people to cross at well-lit intersections and not mid-block.”

It can be particularly dangerous to cross the street at night, when visibility is reduced for both pedestrians and motorists and if pedestrians are wearing dark clothing.

It’s also against the law to step off a curb if the hand or pedestrian symbol is flashing at a crosswalk.

LAPD advises pedestrians to do the following:

Cross at marked crosswalks;
When waiting to cross, stand back from the curb;
When the light changes: wait, look and then cross;
Make eye contact with drivers before stepping in front of their car;
Don’t assume drivers see you;
Teach your kids about walking safely and lead by example;
Remember: you don’t always have the right of way. Assuming that you do, can cost you your life;
Even if you have the right of way, stop and look before crossing;
Don’t text and walk – especially when crossing the street.
Neiman noted that pedestrian safety is everyone’s responsibility – from motorists, to cyclists and pedestrians.

“You lose every time (in a collision) whether it’s your fault or not,” he said.

A note from… Officer Maria Gray: Recent burglaries in Brentwoo

A note from…
OFFICER Maria Gray
Senior Lead Officer for Basic Car 8A13, BrentwoodArea
Los Angeles Police Department
West Los Angeles Division
(310) 444-0744
May 30, 2018

Detectives know from experience that crime tends to rise during the warmer, summer months. Burglary detectives specifically, also know this to be true, as do the burglars who make their living by stealing your stuff. But more importantly, do YOU know this? Have you prepared for this fact of life in Los Angeles?
Folks tend to leave their homes for extended getaways and vacations during this season. The other factor is that residential windows are more often left open and/or unsecured due to the heat. We have experienced a sharp and notable spike of burglaries (four in the last few days) within the Brentwood area bordered by Saltair Ave on the east, Mandeville Canyon on the West, Sunset Blvd on the South and Hanley Ave on the North. Specifically (and rounded to the nearest 100 block for the sake of privacy) they have occurred at:
· 5/24/18, 800block of Hanley
· 5/26/18, 200block of N. Saltiar
· 5/29/18, 800block of Hanley
· 5/29/18, 700block of Kenter
· 5/29/18, 1000block of Hanley
In some cases, the burglars accessed the homes through side or rear kitchen windows—windows that were either left open/unsecured or were pried/forced open. Detectives have also mentioned to me that in some cases, the homes were quite concealed by high fences and landscaping. While this affords people privacy, it also allows for burglars to walk comfortably around your property without being seen from the street or by neighbors (please consider making environmental design changes to remedy this). At present time, there is no suspect or vehicle description that I can share with the community. If things change, I will send out a supplemental notification. Property taken has been jewelry, watches and cash.
For those of you who have already heard these suggestions, please excuse the redundancy, but at present,one of the best tools to protect your home today is a system of instant notification . You want a system that has your smart phone alert you immediately when someone is at your front door, AND alerts you when they are along either side of your home,AND alerts you when they are to the rear of your home. Nothing less will suffice, in my opinion (and the opinion of many of my fellow officers). The traditional home alarm systems can be a very low priority in terms of police response, but if you call 911 and tell the operator that you see someone in your backyard right now, and here’s their description and here’s what they’re doing, the priority gets bumped up to a lights and sirens scenario and the likelihood of the thief or thieves getting caught or deterred goes up considerably. So does the likelihood that you’ll retain your possessions.
These systems are relatively inexpensive, easy to install with either rechargeable batteries or hardwired or even solar options. To see examples of these systems in action, go to and search ‘Ring Video Doorbell’ Helps Bust Gang Member in Home and just scroll from there.
Please monitor the criminal activity in your neighborhood via . Through this website, you can receive email alerts as to what’s going on in the radius and time frame you choose.
Feel free to contact me should you have any questions or concerns.

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SBRA Neighborhood Watch: Spring 2018 Newsletter

From Jason Wilson who created our new Neighborhood Watch program

Neighborhood Watch reps will be at our Annual Meeting April 26 between 6-7:00 pm, so if you want to know more about the program, be sure to stop by their table.

You can reach Jason at

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Do you have RING? be sure to take a trip through Ring Neighborhoods

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Anyone can download the Ring app for free and receive theft/security alerts which are posted by neighbors with Ring doorbells.
Once you’ve installed your Ring app and set up your Ring device, be sure to take a trip through Ring Neighborhoods.
Click to download the RING app

From LAPD Senior Lead Officer Maria Gray: Brentwood is Easy Target for Auto Burglars

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From SLO Maria Gray:
During a recent deep cleaning of our Community Relations Office, the cleaning crew inadvertently severed my phone line and broke the phone jack. I’ve created a ‘work order’ for a replacement but in the meantime, my phone is out of order. Please email me if you have questions or concerns at Or the main office number for our Community Relations Office is 310-444-0735. I’ll send out another notice when the repair is made… Thanks for your patience!!

NON-EMERGENCY: 1-877-275-5273
All other City Services : 311

Maria Gray
Senior Lead Officer
West Los Angeles Community Police Station
Office: 310-444-0744

From BHA mailing
Brentwood is Easy Target for Auto Burglars

A group of teenagers who regularly visited Brentwood to engage in car theft have been arrested. They stole expensive cars, such as Teslas, Mercedes, BMW etc, which they drive around town, trying to find chop shops. Owners leave cars unlocked, and often with their FOB on the console inside. As teenagers, they are subject to catch and release treatment. When asked why steal cars in Brentwood, their response, “because it’s so easy.”
So please, lock your cars, even if you are running inside for a second!

The city plans to allocate more officers, mainly for South Brentwood where burglaries are higher.
BCC minutes

According to Lead Officer Maria Gray, “each success these thieves have provides them with the positive reinforcement that draws them back to our community.” The safest way to protect your car is to park it in your garage. If you can’t do that, purchasing a LoJack or other GPS device may help retrieve your car and deter future criminal activity. Please heed this advice BEFORE you become a victim and we will ALL be safer.

Did you know that Los Angeles puts poison in holes to eradicate gophers?

Shared by BCC board member — Doug Shemer
Not only will this kill gophers, but might kill your pet!

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CLICK to learn how about alternatives to anticoagulant poisons

California to Ban Wasteful Take-Out Food Packaging at State Parks and Beaches

By Atlas Novack
Santa Monica Mirror
February 22, 2018
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CA Senator Ben Allen headshot
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