How to Co-Exist with Coyotes

Recently we’ve heard about a few coyote sightings:
12/18/15 running north toward the golf course along Wellesley;
1/2/16 “about 2 am on Darlington ave and Amherst when I was walking my dog. He followed us home.”
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How to Coexist with Coyotes
For more information call LA Animal Services NON EMERGENCY Wildlife phone line 323.225.WILD (9453).
For urgent animal related EMERGENCY calls (injured, orphaned (alone>24 hours), distressed, or sick animals) call your local shelter at 888.452.7381 and follow the prompts.

Brentwood | Pacific Palisades: Community Safety Panel Discussion Tuesday March 6th 6:30-8:30 pm

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Dear Brentwood and Pacific Palisades community members,
Please see attached and join us on March 6th, at Palisades Charter High School (Mercer Hall) from 6:30-8:30 pm, for this important community meeting focused on Community Safety.
In addition to LAFD West, LAPD – West Los Angeles Division, City of Los Angeles Emergency Management Department, L.A. City Attorney’s Office and more, we will also hear from Pacific Palisades Task Force on Homelessness Enforcement team Chair, Caruso project security staff and our local security agencies.

Councilmember Mike Bonin will also stop by.

Please feel free to share the flyer attached.

Maryam Zar
Pacific Palisades Community Council

Chris Spitz
Chair/President Emeritus
Assisting with Admin

Do you have RING? be sure to take a trip through Ring Neighborhoods

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Anyone can download the Ring app for free and receive theft/security alerts which are posted by neighbors with Ring doorbells.
Once you’ve installed your Ring app and set up your Ring device, be sure to take a trip through Ring Neighborhoods.
Click to download the RING app

From LAPD Senior Lead Officer Maria Gray: Brentwood is Easy Target for Auto Burglars

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From SLO Maria Gray:
During a recent deep cleaning of our Community Relations Office, the cleaning crew inadvertently severed my phone line and broke the phone jack. I’ve created a ‘work order’ for a replacement but in the meantime, my phone is out of order. Please email me if you have questions or concerns at Or the main office number for our Community Relations Office is 310-444-0735. I’ll send out another notice when the repair is made… Thanks for your patience!!

NON-EMERGENCY: 1-877-275-5273
All other City Services : 311

Maria Gray
Senior Lead Officer
West Los Angeles Community Police Station
Office: 310-444-0744

From BHA mailing
Brentwood is Easy Target for Auto Burglars

A group of teenagers who regularly visited Brentwood to engage in car theft have been arrested. They stole expensive cars, such as Teslas, Mercedes, BMW etc, which they drive around town, trying to find chop shops. Owners leave cars unlocked, and often with their FOB on the console inside. As teenagers, they are subject to catch and release treatment. When asked why steal cars in Brentwood, their response, “because it’s so easy.”
So please, lock your cars, even if you are running inside for a second!

The city plans to allocate more officers, mainly for South Brentwood where burglaries are higher.
BCC minutes

According to Lead Officer Maria Gray, “each success these thieves have provides them with the positive reinforcement that draws them back to our community.” The safest way to protect your car is to park it in your garage. If you can’t do that, purchasing a LoJack or other GPS device may help retrieve your car and deter future criminal activity. Please heed this advice BEFORE you become a victim and we will ALL be safer.

Did you know that Los Angeles puts poison in holes to eradicate gophers?

Shared by BCC board member — Doug Shemer
Not only will this kill gophers, but might kill your pet!

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CLICK to learn how about alternatives to anticoagulant poisons

California to Ban Wasteful Take-Out Food Packaging at State Parks and Beaches

By Atlas Novack
Santa Monica Mirror
February 22, 2018
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CA Senator Ben Allen headshot
CLICK to read more about CA Sen. Allen’s bill

programs for Los Angeles City and L.A. County residents to safely dispose of household hazardous waste (HHW) & electronic waste (E-waste)

S.A.F.E. stands for Solvents, Automotives, Flammables, Electronics

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Click here for info about center locations

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CrimeMapping summary for January: from NeighborNetwork

Thanks to Judie at
In January, 13 cars were stolen in the Brentwood area.  This number is from a radius of 2 miles from the center of Brentwood. This data is from CrimeMapping, which does not give us any details, or descriptions on what happened, or types of cars that are stolen.
This does not include attempted auto thefts, incidents when perpetrator was scared off, or incidents that were not reported.

Stolen Vehicles
2900 BLOCK ARIZONA AV 1/13/2018 19:00
10TH ST / IDAHO AVE  1/19/2018 17:30
600 BLOCK S BARRINGTON AV  1/20/2018 8:00
1000 BLOCK MONTANA AVE  1/22/2018 21:43
1200 BLOCK BARRY AV  1/23/2018 5:30
800 BLOCK 11TH ST  1/23/2018 16:00
1000 BLOCK 14TH ST  1/28/2018 18:00
700 BLOCK 21ST PL  1/30/2018 6:05
1700 BLOCK WILSHIRE BLVD  1/30/2018 10:19
200 BLOCK S WESTGATE AV  1/30/2018 21:00
2400 BLOCK BANYAN DR  1/31/2018 19:00
200 BLOCK N CARMELINA AV  1/31/2018 23:00
200 BLOCK S SALTAIR AV  2/1/2018 5:45
and more….

 Purse and computer stolen from car as soon as woman ran into the house for 10 minutes –
2/12/18 – 100 blk of S. Anita

Note from Judie:  Another incident like this happened a few months ago on Paisley and Gretna Green.  Things stolen out of a car when the person was exercising with her neighbor across the street.  It only took a few minutes.  Both of these associated with construction sites.  As we all know by now, construction sites, and there are a lot of them, are an issue for all of us.  Seems the thieves are more aware of our surroundings, than we are.

Register for the network at CLICK to sign up for NeighborsNetwork

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LA Police Dept. Sr. Lead Officer Maria Gray: UPDATE on Door Checking

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Senior Lead Officer Maria Gray provides additional information on avoiding becoming a victim of this crime.