Brentwood Break-In Survey: from SBRA Neighborhood Watch Chair

From SBRA Neighborhood Watch Chair Max Mednik:
Brentwood Break-In Survey

*** Fill this out if you’ve had a break-in: ***

Our home had a break-in last year, and it seems like break-ins are again on the rise.

I’d like to get some data on recent break-ins in order to spot patterns and best practices to protect our homes and families. For example, does having a gate or a dog or cameras really help?

I made a simple survey (should take only 1 minute) for people to be able to fill out. Then, I plan to analyze the data and report back any patterns I spot.

The data people report will be anonymous and will be kept private.

Currently, I’m targeting households that meet all these requirements:
a) Had a break-in (attempted or actual) in the last 12 months
b) Live in a single family home
c) Live in Brentwood

Here is the survey form:


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