Badge Note: Sr. Lead Officer Maria Gray

note from…
OFFICER Maria Gray
Senior Lead Officer for Basic Car 8A13, Brentwood Area
Los Angeles Police Department
West Los Angeles Division
(310) 444-0744

March 27, 2019

Officers and Detectives cannot reiterate this enough… Please, please, PLEASE, DO NOT LEAVE YOUR VEHICLE FOBS OR KEYS IN YOUR CARS!!!

Our Auto Detectives advise that at present, the West LA average for vehicles stolen from our area, and ultimately recovered, which have the fobs or keys within the vehicle is well over 40%. Nearly HALF!!! In fact, a few weeks ago, we experienced a trend wherein 100% of the cars stolen in a one week period from the West LA Area involved victims who left their fobs or keys within their cars. This is crazy!!

Some of victims are most adamant about not having done so, and yet when we recover the car– often in other parts of the City– the fobs or keys are within the vehicle (mind you, fobs are NOT easy to duplicate).

If you don’t make the foolish habit of doing this, we commend you. But please know that this practice still affects you and your family’s safety. Criminals coming into our community and finding cars to steal (or to break into) with ease only brings more opportunistic criminals roaming our streets.

Keep in mind that these criminals conduct ‘Door Checking’ in which they walk our streets, enter our parking lots and garages and tug on the door handles. If it opens, they know the fobs are likely somewhere in the vehicle. They push the start button and they’re off!! We also need to mention and curtail the poor practice of ‘Tandem Parking’ in which tenants of complexes leave their keys in the car or ‘hidden’ on the tires so that roommates or family members can maneuver around shared or tight parking spaces. The problem is, the criminals know too of this practice all too well. This is particularly prevalent in the South Brentwood areas. Lastly, during the warmer months, criminals KNOW and take advantage of people who leave their keys on their tires when parked at the beach or park or trail head. Don’t do that.

We owe it to each other to live a responsible Big City Smarts kind of life. Brentwood is a beautiful, safe community and sometimes it’s easy to forget that we are still part of a huge metropolis, and all that goes with it.

Badge Note from LAPD Sr. Lead Officer Maria Gray
Message from Mike Feuer, LA City Attorney