Brentwood Green at Brentwood Science Magnet Elementary School

By Jackie Raymond 

Brentwood Green is a school/community park, created by Brentwood residents to improve the playground and to provide a much needed park for the community. This park is used by the students during school and by the community after school, weekends & holidays.

Brentwood Green is the pride and joy of our entire community.  The Brentwood Green Committee is comprised of volunteers who tend and protect the themed mini-gardens and grassy areas around the campus.

Brentwood Green became official when the committee wrote a joint use agreement with LAUSD, the YMCA, and Brentwood Green.   With the approval of LAUSD, Brentwood Green was built. The YMCA puts up the money to hire people to clean up and supervise the park.

Thirteen years ago, the group that became Brentwood Green started to replace the seven acres of cracked asphalt on the playground of the Brentwood Science Magnet School (BSMS) with a community park.

TreePeople, the DWP, and LAUSD gave Brentwood Green a special “Cool Schools” grant.  On January 23rd, 1999, more than 500 people attended our Groundbreaking/Tree Planting Ceremony planting 88 trees.

Brentwood Green earned a number of grants, including the prestigious Anne and Kirk Douglas Playground Equipment Grant.  We planted over two hundred trees and created 15 mini-gardens.  With the help of Prop BB funds, we created the infrastructure for air conditioning and irrigation. A jogging track around the perimeter of the athletic field, sponsored by a Matching Grant from L.A. City, won an Environmental Award from the City for using Recycled Tires.

Brentwood Green has become a model for educational beautification projects – locally, nationally and internationally.  Several other schools have used Brentwood Green as a model.

Editor’s note: Brentwood Green was created by generous Brentwood residents who have volunteered both their time and their money. Tax deductible gifts to Brentwood Green are welcome! Send your check to:

Brentwood Green,  149 S. Barrington Ave.,  #149,  L.A.  CA   90049

Sponsorship is appreciated. Some options:


All the street trees surrounding BSMS on Gretna Green, San Vicente, Bundy and Montana are available for adoption.  Large trees $2,000.  Small trees $1,000. Donations will be recognized with permanent plaques.  Gift will go to Maintenance Endowment Fund.


We need sponsors for two new “Theme Entrances,” at the corner of San Vicente and Bundy and at the corner of San Vicente and Gretna Green.  The entrances will announce the park and reach out to the community with an invitation to enter.  These entrances will be monumental and dramatic in scale and visibility, with the use of trees and flowers mixed into the structure.


Gardens take constant care.  Any gift is greatly appreciated.

Please contact Jackie Raymond, 310.820.2170 for more information.

Literary Garden Before & After

By Mike Feuer

On a warm March Saturday [2012], dozens of Brentwood residents, student, teachers and community leaders gathered for the unveiling of a magical mural at Brentwood Magnet Elementary School.  Artist and architect David Legaspi III depicted California landscapes along the playground and building walls, and engaged students in discussions about art and California history as the 2-month-long project unfolded.  Brentwood Green, a volunteer group co-founded by my late friend Barbara Goldenberg and her able successor Jackie Raymond, was the dynamic force behind this project.  The group rallied funds and supporters to continue efforts to beautify the campus.  Past projects at the school have included planting redwood trees along the playground border and designing and constructing a Shakespeare Garden and a Poetry Garden.  I was delighted to present certificates of appreciation to Mr. Legaspi and Brentwood Garden for their dedication to the school.